Making Submissions for Movie Films to Festivals and Competitions

Movie competitions are essential platforms for filmmakers, scriptwriters and actors to showcase their recent works. Moreover, festivals and competitions are an excellent stage for upcoming actors and actresses to break it big into the world of movies.

The first step to this grand stage is to prepare submissions to the festival and competition gatekeepers. Upon shortlisting and successful selection, the stage is now set for action. This section gives a few suggestions for effective submissions.

Choose the Right Festival and Competition

There are many film festivals across the world. You can’t possibly submit to all these festivals and competitions. It is advisable to select a few in which to prepare submissions and give it your best shot. The basis for this selection depends on the nature of the call for submissions and the eligibility criterion.

Prepare Submissions Early

Preparing submissions can be a daunting task. The forms to fill and the documentation to accompany the submission requires sufficient time to bind together. It is therefore prudent that the call for submission be commenced as soon as the request is made to avoid the last-minute rush.

Summon Team Efforts

Submissions require a great team effort. It is not all about the scriptwriter or the movie director. The input and contribution of every team member are necessary. This is also an excellent scoring point since it portrays a well-knit and coordinated team. Having everyone on board and on the same script literally is an essential step in the journey towards participation in festivals.

The Purpose of Attending

After successful submission, time to plan for the big day. It is good practice for the main cast to attend the festival. The movie, despite being screened, will resonate well with the audience if the casting crew are in attendance. It elevates the mood and brings the entire festival to a new level. This may end up boosting reviews, increase viewership and an autograph moment with the boisterous fans.