Potential Topics for a Short Movie

In the exciting world we live in, topics for a short movie film can never run out. Scriptwriters are inundated with an avalanche of topics to compose. For submission, these topics need to be creative, inspirational and the scripts to be beautifully written. Scriptwriters can choose from various topics some of which are outlined below;

Romantic Affair

Stories of love are old-fashioned but, if well written, they hardly disappoint. Moviegoers always look forward to a story of love with great anticipation. This is because romantic affairs elicit the deepest of human feelings.

People like to identify their real-life relationships with film characters and even mirroring their struggles and triumphs. They will be riled by betrayals and infidelity and will almost applaud at every hug and makeups. Do not be surprised to see a few wet eyes in the cinema.

Jackpot Winners

The world of punters will stop and watch with glee a story of the triumph of one of their own. Online casino games have grown in popularity in the last decade. Millions of people worldwide now place bets and wagers on sites like bitstarzcasino.com.au as their hobby.

While at it some have hit the jackpot by winning millions of dollars and becoming the new millionaires in town. This could form a great topic as the winning punters come to terms with their newly acquired status.


Tech is always evolving. Evolution has brought a shift in human behaviour and transformed the lives of people worldwide. It has also affected how people interact and relate. This shift in human relations as influenced by technology could make a really good story for a movie film.

To spice things up, the storyline could make a comparison of how life used to be and how it is now. The impact of social media is also a great angle to the technology topic for a short movie film.